Redis Desktop Manager 0.9.4 Windows x64

Just download from this link to the, unzip to any folder you like and start using.

The Redis Desktop Manager is a pretty handy tool. It is a must have to some developers/DevOps.

I opened mine yesterday and saw a dialog asking me upgrade. I decided to do it but unfortunately I could not find any simple download link to get a Windows version as before. It is a little absurd. And later I found it is "Subscribe and Download" for MacOSX and Windows, instead of "Download" anymore, from the Redis Desktop Manager official download page. Else you have to build from source. Well, to be a subscriber you either have to pay a little money or contribute one PR per year.

I am a little surprised they just changed its running mode even it does not clearly say so. I am not ready to pay, or make any improvement to this software yet. Therefore I decide to build from scratch myself. At least they give build how-to lists for MacOSX and Windows.

Build on Windows
1. Install Visual Studio 2015 Community with Updates
2. Install Qt 5.9
3. Install Win32 Openssl 1.0.X
4. Install CMake
5. Build libssh2 library in folder 3rdparty/qredisclient/3rdparty/qsshclient/3rdparty/libssh2 using CMake
6. Open ./src/ in Qt Creator
7. Run build

It seems pretty straightforward. Especially for me I only need to get the latest Qt ready, as I have the Visual Studio 2017, the OpenSSL for Windows built in static library and managed by the VCPKG, and the CMake. And I am kinda experienced with building wares from scratch.

Well it is actually not easy. I can write all the pains in another long post, but long story short I finally built the binary out after multiple tries. I don't think everyone should waste time like I did, therefore I share in the link above.

P.S. seriously the rdm.exe itself is just less than 5M with static links to most libs except the Qt. But to make this exe run I have to attach tons of Qt files (about 45M!) with it as it is called "deploy". I surely hope someone could rewrite its Windows version in something lightweight like the WTL or similar.

Let me know if it works for or not. I can try my best to help.


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