Unity learning resources on Pluralsight.com

First of all, how to get "free" access to the courses on Pluralsight.com?

Easy, go to the Visual Studio Dev Essentials, join for free and then get the 3-month subscription of the Pluralsight.com.
How to get free 3-month subscription of Pluralsight.com

What Unity courses sound useful and interesting?

Level 1 Let us ramp up with the Unity. The 2 courses below seem legit. Their total duration is like 6 hours, just watching and learning without practice.

Level 2 Some practical stuff that could be helpful to port current games talking to NodeJS server based on Cocos2D-X. Their total duration is like 7.5 hours without practice time. The actual porting is the practice if these stuff are right to learn.

Level 3 Some advanced Unity thing that could be helpful in next steps, VR & Unity 5! They are optional for porting your games of course. But who knows what would happen in future.

Go explore the Pluralsight.com and find more interesting courses!


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